Even more amazing ice cream hacks!

Amazing ice cream hacks


In our last few blogs, Elato creator, Roz Kaldor-Aroni shared some hacks for storing Elato ice cream to ensure it stays creamy and yummy. Due to popular demand, here are some more tips to make sure your Elato is always delicious!
  1. Eat it slow! While the temptation might be to gobble down a yummy ice cream – especially when it is melting on a hot day – ice cream is best on the first taste, when it starts to be warmed on your tongue and the aromatics provide a smell so you get the full flavour and texture. After that, your taste buds are too cold to work properly, driving you to eat more ice cream, seeking that elusive taste.
  2. Lick it off a cone – your tongue collects only a small film of cold ice cream giving it a chance to warm-up between licks, so you get the full flavour each and every time.
  3. When eating from a bowl, take small spoonfuls – and even lick it off the spoon – for the same reasons, or rinse your mouth with warm water between spoonfuls to warm your taste buds so they work again between mouthfuls.
  4. Serve it on a hot dessert – ice cream is perfect when it is starting to melt on a warm dessert such as a brownie or apple crumble because it doesn’t freeze your mouth and is bliss!


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