How OzHarvest helps Elato Achieve its “Big Why”

Ronni Kahn - founder of OzHarvest

Elato’s Big Why (or purpose) is to use the enjoyment of ice cream to help reduce world hunger and food waste leading to a more sustainable planet. We chose this purpose because it contributes to 5 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – zero hunger, quality education, responsible consumption and production, climate action and partnership for goals.

After meeting and reviewing a number of relevant local and international charities, OzHarvest stood out for us as a potential partner to help us achieve our “Big Why”.

Not only is their Founder, Ronni Kahn (pictured above) a truly inspirational leader but OzHarvest has tackled the issue of food rescue in a very smart, sustainable way both in Australia and overseas.

This is what we found most striking about OzHarvest:

  1. Ronni’s passion for tackling food waste, drove food laws to be changed to enable excess food to be re-used, starting in NSW in 2005;
  2. The organisation is so efficient that for every $1 donated to OzHarvest, two meals can be delivered to someone in need;
  3. OzHarvest has an impressive list of activities involving not only collection and re-distribution of food but also:
    • An education program for primary school children called FEAST (Food Education and Sustainability Training)
    • Cooking classes teaching vulnerable adults about eating healthy meals on a budget;
    • Hospitality training for at-risk youth to help forge pathways for self-sustainability
    • Consumer research to increase awareness about household food waste; and
    • Constantly innovating to help tackle hunger and reduce food waste; and
    • local and international advocacy and leadership to fight food waste.
  1. OzHarvest is committed to achieving the same five UN Sustainable Development Goals as Elato;
  2. Ronni has also created a social impact enterprise called ForPurposeCo, to make innovative products that can provide revenue streams to help OzHarvest achieve long term funding sustainability; and
  3. OzHarvest has introduced it’s unique food rescue model overseas helping to establish similar not for profits in New Zealand, South Africa and the UK.

It is a truly special organisation that we are excited to support with every tub we sell.

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