How to do an ice cream taste test

How to do an ice cream taste test

For all Elato Ice Cream's flavours, my aim has been to have them taste so good, that on a blind taste, everyone's preference is Elato ahead of other products being tried. 

Blind tasting ice cream is different to any other food (including Coke vs Pepsi tasting campaigns) because you need a warm mouth to melt ice cream to release both its aromatic flavours and experience its full taste. This is a problem with ice cream because after your first taste of it, your mouth is too cold after this to be able to melt and warm the ice cream effectively to experience the full flavour plus your taste buds don't work effectively below 20 degrees C. To fix this issue you need hot water from the tap and then follow this process:

  1. After your first blind taste, rinse your mouth with hot water from the tap (around 50 degrees C).
  2. It needs to be warm enough to warm your mouth back to room temperature quickly but not too hot to drink and rinse your mouth. Warm water also has no taste.
  3. Before tasting the next ice cream, move your tongue to the roof of your mouth. It it's still cold, then you need to rinse with more hot water until your the roof of your mouth is warm again.
  4. Once the roof of your mouth is warm, then you can taste the next flavour.

Let me know how you go via the comments below.

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