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How to make mouth-watering Choc Tops at Home

Recipe of the Month - <p>How to make mouth-watering Choc Tops at Home
It is surprisingly easy to make choc tops at home and much cheaper than buying them at a supermarket. I learnt to make them using a foolproof recipe when training to make gelato. It’s called shell chocolate by gelato makers. Once you make it, you can store any excess in your pantry as it doesn’t need refrigeration plus you can top it up when you need it again. After you see how easy it is to make this recipe, I am hoping you might prefer to make your own rather than using store bought shell chocolate such as Ice Magic, as they use chemicals in their ingredients.

The only trick is having the right container to do the dipping. I use the same container for dipping that is used to make up the shell chocolate which can also be stored later. I use a Décor Microwave 500ml Soup Mug which has a sealable lid. See the image below. It’s the perfect width and height as you need a narrow width with some height.


A Décor Microwave 500ml Soup Mug for dipping chocolate topping

You can also use a bowl for the mix to dip the cones and transfer it to a microwaveable storage container later. If you want to pour it over an ice cream scoop in a bowl, with a spoon, it works for that as well. However the better way to use it for ice cream in a bowl, is to make the shell chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl first, so you can mix it with a spoon and then transfer it to a squeezy bottle with a seal that can be stored, which is microwave safe like the one from Wilton below.

Microwave-safe squeeze bottle

Then you serve the shell chocolate by squeezing it out of the bottle plus  you can re-heat in the microwave for 30 seconds to use it again later. I recommend you have both types of shell chocolate  holders in your pantry so you are ready for either option.  Once you make this recipe, you will never buy ready-made choc tops again - except at a Mr Whippy style choc top roadside vendor – which are a childhood favourite of mine!


Makes 4 large choc tops or 6 medium choc tops

  • 100g of any type of chocolate chopped or broken into bits for melting or you can also use Biscoff spread. The image shows five different types of chocolate – milk, dark, white, caramilk and ruby.
  • 2 Tablespoons (40 g) coconut oil -I prefer to use flavour free neutral tasting coconut oil unless you want a coconut taste in the chocolate.


  • Combine the broken chocolate pieces or Biscoff spread and the coconut oil together in the cup or bowl
  • Microwave for 30 seconds on high, remove from the microwave and stir a bit to start mixing the melted chocolate or Biscoff spread and the coconut oil. If you don’t have a microwave, you can melt it in a pot on stove using low heat.
  • If using chocolate, microwave for a second time, for 30 seconds on high, remove from the microwave and this time all the chocolate should have melted and can be fully mixed with the coconut oil. If not melted yet, keep microwaving each time for 30 seconds and mixing until the chocolate is all melted.
  • If you are making your ice cream cones ahead of time, I recommend first coating the inside of the cone with shell chocolate as the cone can go soggy over time without this. The cones need to be pre-frozen so that when the shell chocolate is poured and hits the frozen cone, it can be swirled around the edges of the cone and goes hard immediately, with any excess being tipped out.
  • Whether or not you are coating the inside of your cone, add a scoop of your favourite Elato flavour and then dip it upside down into the warm shell chocolate mix. Swirl it around in the mix (tipping the container if necessary) until it is all covered with chocolate. Remove the cone from the container, move it to a horizontal position then spin it a couple of times over the container to allow any excess chocolate to drop off and to help the chocolate harden. The thinner the layer, the easier it is too bite into it.
  • The shell chocolate will start to go hard and can then be eaten.
  • When using a squeezy bottle or spoon to place shell chocolate on a scoop of Elato in a bowl, the shell chocolate goes hard on the ice cream in a bowl as soon as it hits the ice cream.

Delicious home made choc tops

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