Elato's sustainability pledge comes from our mission to use the enjoyment of ice-cream to help reduce world hunger and food waste.

Our pledge involves the following four sets of activities, with more activities being planned.

  1. Initially, 4 cents per tub to be given to OzHarvest (which will increase as Elato increases its revenue and profitability)
By supporting OzHarvest, we contribute towards funding activity that advances 5 out of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. See https://www.ozharvest.org/sustainability/our-advocacy/:
Sustainability goals

OzHarvest explains that:

    • goal 2 is advanced from their food security programs
    • goal 3 is advanced from their numerous food related education programs
    • goal 12 is advanced from their objective to halve food waste by 2030
Sustainability goals 2

OzHarvest explains that:

    • goal 13 is advanced from reduction of food waste which in turn reduces greenhouse gases since food waste is a substantial producer of methane
    • goal 17 is advanced from their numerous food related education programs

2. Recycling Elato's tubs

Our current tubs are fully recyclable and we have applied to become part of the Australian Recycling Label Program as well as applying to become a member of APCO, the Australian Packaging Covenant. We will also be announcing the transition to compostable packaging very soon.

3. Regenerative Agriculture

Elato plans to release more plant based products plus all Elato flavours are plant based.

4. Sustainable Sourcing

Each of the flavour suppliers listed below support sustainability because of their supply of uniquely flavoured artisanal agricultural products as well as providing social impact in the communities where they source their product - offering fair wages and funding local community programs. 


Solomon's Gold cacao

Involved in Solomon Islands sustainable cacao production. See www.solomonsgold.com


Heilala Vanilla

Involved in Tongan vanilla production plus ongoing support of the local community. See www.heilalavanilla.co.nz


Change Coffee

Fair trade coffee from South America with profits going to World Vision humanitarian projects in Africa. See www.changecoffee.com.au

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