Boozy sauce for ice cream with Fair Rum from Belize

This recipe is super easy and super delicious can be used with any spirit or liqueur.

The image shows a rum from Belize called Fair, which is a social enterprise that gives back to its local community. The image also shows some sultanas that have been soaked in rum overnight.

Ingredients to serve two people

1/2 cup cream or coconut cream for vegan. If you don't have these ingredients you can also use 2lbs of butter/margarine and the rest milk/nutmilk but it won't be as good

1/4 cup brown sugar for spirits and strong liqueurs, white sugar for lighter flavoured alcohol that won't combine well with brown sugar.

1 tsp cornflour or tapioca starch (for gluten free)

2 tsp water

1.5 tlbs spirit or liqueur


Place the cream and sugar in a saucepan or microwave safe container. Add the cornflour and water into a small bowl and mix until combined. Then pour this combined mix into the saucepan or microwave container if you use a microwave.

Heat and stir on the stove until boiling and thickened and in the microwave for 30 second bursts until thick. Then let the mix cool for 10 minutes and add the alcohol and mix again.

Use straight away while still warm as a sauce on ice cream or on a cake or keep stored in the fridge for a few days for later use. If stored in the fridge, the sauce may get thick. Warm it on the stove or in the microwave to restore it to pouring consistency.


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