Tastes better, made better (for you and the planet)

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Elato ice cream flavours are chosen for their aromatic and strong taste from sustainable suppliers

Tastes Better

Strong rich flavours

Flavours chosen for their aromatic and strong taste, from sustainable suppliers

Smooth Creamy Texture

Texture is everything. As artisans, we developed the perfect balance of smooth and creamy

Using pure ingredients extracted from nature, with minimal processing to capture true authentic flavour

Free from compromises - Elato sources the highest quality ingredients from artisans and leaders in their industries

Offering great taste and texture plus being better for you - without compromising on either

Made better - for you and the planet

By using lactose free milk and cream (which are sweeter) 30% less sugar is added, without impacting flavour

Free from major allergens as well as low levels of lactose using the enzyme "lactase" in our process

Prebiotic fibre in Elato ice cream feeds the good bacteria in the gut, contributing to Elato's 3 star health rating

Prebiotic fibre is used to nourish the gut, contributing to our 3 star health rating (dairy flavours) and a patent

Elato ice cream is better Better for the planet; 4 cents from every tub goes to OzHarvest

Better for the planet, gifting 4 cents to OzHarvest from every tub you buy, with increased funding to come


Cold Brew Decaf Cafe Latte Ice cream - dark roasted Colombian beans that gives this ice cream its authentic coffee taste made with cold brew to infuse flavour without bitterness


Overnight infused cold brew free from bitterness, using dark roasted Colombian decaf beans giving a rich taste - for day or night

Ingredients and Nutrition
Triple Vanilla Ice Cream: Infusion overnight with vanilla pod and its caviar plus double strength vanilla extract giving a distinctive triple taste and a triple star health rating

triple vanilla ice cream

It's triple vanilla because we infuse overnight with both vanilla pod and its caviar then add vanilla extract to give a distinctive triple taste

Ingredients and Nutrition
Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream - Strong dark chocolate taste that melts like a truffle and lingers in your mouth. It's plant based and finished with a light cocoa powder dusting on top - the better best ice cream

Plant based dark Chocolate Truffle

Strong dark chocolate taste that lingers in your mouth. It's plant based and finished with a light cocoa powder dusting on top just like a chocolate truffle

Ingredients and Nutrition
Our founder, Roz Kaldor-Aroni - learned how to make authentic, exceptional tasting, better for you ice cream
Our Founder's story

CREATING ice cream that tastes better

When our founder, Roz Kaldor-Aroni, learned that most ice creams sold in supermarkets are the opposite of authentic - made with excessive amounts of sugar or sweeteners, un-named colours and flavours and chemicals to keep costs down and profits up, she set out to change the ice cream game. Using her knowledge of food chemistry from University, artisanal gelato training in Italy and ice cream training in Canada, she learned that the best flavour is achieved by combining minimally processed, chemical free ingredients and Elato was born.

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Elato's innovative process uses 30% less sugar but still gives you a deliciously sweet and creamy ice cream that's perfect for any time of day, or night!


We believe that ice cream shouldn’t just taste good, It should leave an even better aftertaste. Elato is committed to supporting a sustainable planet – one tub at a time. Using our favourite treat in the world, we’re helping to reduce hunger and food waste, by supporting OzHarvest to advance this pledge. Starting with 4 cents per tub, we’ll be increasing this amount as Elato grows in both popularity and profitability, by donating half our net profits to OzHarvest. Our goal is to gift a meal to someone in need, with every tub purchased. To start, we’ve already funded more than 2,000 meals. Our flavour suppliers are also part of this bigger picture. Read more at the link below.



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Not only does Elato ice cream taste better it is better for you and the planet
Best better ice cream from Elatois is made with science. We've perfected a formula with reduced sugar, all natural, and a delicious taste.