How to have better ice cream – and eat it better too!

Elato ice cream melting in a cone


Summer may over for another year but Elato  ice cream can be enjoyed no matter the weather. But what is the best way to eat ice cream?  And are there any tricks to storing ice cream to ensure it stays creamy and yummy?
Elato creator Roz Kaldor-Aroni shares her top tips for getting the best out of your ice cream.
The key is to keep it frozen! Once ice cream starts to melt and re-freezes, it is never the same. However, it tastes best with your first taste, when it starts to melt on your tongue … 
Top three ice cream tips:

  1. Get it from freezer to freezer fast! If you are buying ice cream at the supermarket, make it the last item you grab before heading to the checkout, and then take it straight home to your freezer -or even better, get it home delivered by online delivery riders.
  2. Do not store it in the freezer door! The door is subject to the most temperature fluctuations in your freezer (particularly if you are constantly looking inside for a treat!)
  3. A chest freezer is best as cold air falls back into the freezer, rather than out of the door, when you open the lid. If in doubt, use a freezer thermometer to work out the coldest part of your freezer and keep your ice cream there. If your freezer is warmer than -18C, you might want to consider a new freezer – or at least a repair!
Stay tuned for more hot tips soon...
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