More amazing ice cream hacks!

Ice cream scoop

In our previous blog, Elato creator, Roz Kaldor-Aroni shared some hacks for storing Elato ice cream to ensure it stays creamy and yummy? Here are some more tips to make sure your Elato is always delicious!

  1. Once you have taken a few scoops out, moist air circulates on the ice cream and forms ice crystals known as “ice burn”. Use grease proof paper to both cover the surface as well as scrunched up to fill the void in the tub, or a fine powder such as cocoa powder, cinnamon or finely ground coffee to seal the surface from the air.
  2. Keeping ice cream airtight is another way that contributes to preventing ice burn. Once it is open, place your ice cream in a zip sealed bag with the air squeezed out, seal with a silicon stretchy lid or use plastic wrap with a rubber band around the top and the air squeezed out.
  3. Use an American style round ice cream scoop with a lever (see picture) to help remove the ice cream, and scoop around the outside edge of the tub first where it is softer. It’s sharp leading edge works better than a gelato scoop.
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