What's so special about "unalkalised cocoa powder"?

What's so special about "unalkalised cocoa powder"?

Our Founder Roz, believes that to create authentic ice cream, ingredients need to be selected that have minimal processing and never use any added chemicals. These types of ingredients are also known as "clean label".

Roz is also a chocoholic who knows a great deal about chocolate. She learned that an alkaline chemical known as potassium carbonate is used in all cocoa not labelled as "natural". This type of chemically treated cocoa is also known as Dutch cocoa because it was invented by the Dutch to remove the acidic taste and bitterness from cocoa powder.

To create Elato's vegan chocolate ice cream, meant using chemical free "natural cocoa". However, the taste wasn’t great due to acidity and lack of the rich flavour found in Dutch cocoa. After some research, our Founder became aware of a new "clean label" great tasting natural cocoa which didn't use potassium carbonate. So we refer to it on our pack as "natural unalkalised cocoa". Elato is the first brand in Australia to use this cocoa in ice cream and we think the flavour works really well. Please let us know in the comments if you agree.

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