This recipe works well as it uses four out of five incredibly yummy ingredients, Tim Tams, Elato vanilla ice cream, cream cheese and Nutella which all  have very long shelf life. This means you can always have them on hand in your pantry, fridge and freezer to whip up this recipe. It's also virtually fool proof and really simple.

Ingredients – Serves 1

3 Tim Tam biscuits (one biscuit is for crust on the side)

1.5 tlbs (30g) Nutella

1tlb (20g) cream cheese (any kind)

1tlb (20g) Elato Vanilla ice cream

2 tsps (10g) coconut oil (preferably deodorised)

This recipe can be multiplied and placed in a pie tin or round cake tin by working out the number of 125ml serves that are in your tin. You do this by filling the tin with water, emptying the water into a measuring jug and measuring the volume of the water in the tin. Then divide the total volume of water in the measuring cup by 125ml (which is the volume of this Cheesecake). This will tell you how many serves you have in your tin and can then multiply the recipe accordingly to fill your tin.


  1. Select a mug based on the end use. If wanting to pull the cheesecake out onto a plate at the end, then you need a mug with straight sides. If eating out of the mug, then any shape is fine.
  2. Select a drinking glass with a flat bottom or any object with a flat bottom that will fit inside the mug. This is to press down baking paper (if you are using it)  and the biscuit crust later.
  3. If pulling the cheesecake out at the end, line the cup with baking paper and use the glass or flat surface to press the paper into the mug;
  4. Place the Tim Tams into a food processor and create a fine crumb. It doesn’t need butter or any other oil as the biscuit cream in the Tim Tams makes it stick together for the cheesecake base.
  5. Press 2/3 of the crumb (if you used 3 biscuits to make the crumb) into the bottom of the cup with your fingers and then use the same glass but now with cling wrap plastic on its base to press the biscuits more firmly into the sides of the cup (or larger container if relevant).
  6. Place the cup with the biscuit base in the freezer while you do the next steps.
  7. Add the remaining ingredients together in a microwaveable bowl and heat for 30 seconds on high.
  8. Remove from microwave and mix until fully combined
  9. Bring out the mug from the freezer and tip in the cheesecake mix. Eat immediately out of the cup while still warm or place in the fridge to set for at least 2 hours.
  10. After 2 hours, if the cup had been lined with baking paper, take a knife to loosen the paper from the cheesecake then pull out the cheesecake using the paper and remove the paper.
  11. Decorate the sides with the extra Tim Tam crushed biscuit mix (if you made extra as set out in the ingredients above).
  12. Serve from the fridge while still cold.
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